Why are young people such critical stakeholders in conversations about AI?

Our generation was born into the age of social media: we have seen how AI-powered platforms have expanded our access to knowledge and created new modes of connection, but they have created a youth mental health crisis and allowed misinformation to proliferate, too. As young people, we are the next generation of advocates, consumers, voters, policymakers, developers, educators, parents, and community members. The AI being built today will shape the world that we and our peers inherit tomorrow. More so than any other generation, we have a unique stake in AI’s immediate and long-run impacts. Because of the pace of AI development, the world 10 years from now could be entirely unrecognizable to us today. In the face of what could be one of the most significant and potentially catastrophic threats to our shared future, we refuse to bury our heads in the sand. We are urgently taking up arms to address the full spectrum of AI risks and unleash AI’s potential to benefit humanity.