Welcome to the StateAI Legislative Project, an ambitious initiative spearheaded by Encode Justice’s dedicated state chapters. This project represents a comprehensive effort to analyze and document the current landscape of artificial intelligence and technology-related legislation across several states in the United States. Our mission is to illuminate the complexities and nuances of AI governance at both state and local levels, providing insights for lawmakers, stakeholders, and the broader public.

In a rapidly evolving digital world, the implications of AI on society are profound and multifaceted. The need for thoughtful, informed, and responsible legislation has never been greater. Through this project, Encode Justice aims to bridge the knowledge gap and empower policymakers with the information and tools necessary to navigate these challenges effectively, particularly at the state level. 

Each participating state chapter has crafted a detailed policy report, spanning the following key areas:

  • Current AI and Tech-Related Legislation
      1. An in-depth analysis of existing laws and policies.
      2. Summaries and critical evaluations of 3-5 selected policies, highlighting their merits and drawbacks.
  • Identification of Legislative Gaps
      1. Insightful recommendations for new legislative measures where current laws are lacking or insufficient.
  • Local AI Governance Policies
      1. Exploration of governance approaches at the municipal and community levels, providing a grassroots perspective on AI oversight.
  • Key Issues in Responsible AI
      1. Examination of the most pressing AI-powered issues impacting communities, with a focus on who is affected and why these issues are critical.
  • Mapping of Relevant Stakeholders
    1. Identification of key players in the state’s AI ecosystem, including academic institutions, non-profits, tech companies, and governmental agencies working on tech-issues.

Below, you will gain access to the reports of state chapters across the United States. Please direct all inquiries to kashyap@encodejustice.org or shreya@encodejustice.org


Directors of Encode Justice’s StateAI Project: Kashyap Rajesh, Shreya Sampath


California Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Deeksha Vaidyanathan, Emerson Chang, Ruhi Mudoi, Leticia Alvarado-Franco, Zoe Dorado, Asrita Yelisetti, and Chaewon Lee


D.C. Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Shreya Sampath


Indiana Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Asia Genawi, Brody Chestnut, Faith Brothers


Maryland Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Emilie Garrabrant, Nikhita Bhatt


Massachusetts Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Samuel Chen, Adam Cheairs 


New York Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Jia Michel, Mira Schubert, Mariama Barry, Morgan Lin, Ava Cammarata, Alina Lam, Manjot Kaur, Daniela Urgiles, Sasha Hori


North Carolina Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Siri Manneri, Muzzakkir Sharifkhaja


Ohio Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Eashan Kosaraju, Adhithiya Balamurugan


Oklahoma Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Carlyssa Cook


Oregon Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Maansi Singh, Jeramie Kim, Alena Peethala, Sahana Srinivasan, Varun Ramesh, Julianne Huang


Pennsylvania Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Iris Liu, Ricky He


Texas Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Suchir Paruchuri, Zoya Hussain, Asong Suh Jr, Jonathan Feldman, Siri Ganapathineedi, Yuvan Sampath


Utah Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Sanskriti Negi, Hanxiao Shi, Grace Silge


Virginia Chapter (view here)

Contributing Members: Emilie Garrabrant, Nikhita Bhatt, Anya Dutta