Nicolas Gertler

Chair of AI Issue Advisory Council, AI & Education Advisor
Yale University / Los Angeles, California

Nicolas Gertler is a Nicaraguan-American student and AI ethicist at Yale University. As Yale University’s first-ever student AI Ambassador, he leads workshops on AI ethics and literacy, develops academic resources for responsible AI usage across the university, and builds equitable AI tools for the Yale community. Nicolas also conducts research at the Yale Digital Ethics Center, where he explores creating and infusing novel pedagogical approaches into AI-enabled platforms to foster more engaging and equitable learning. As the Chair of the AI Issue Advisory Council at Encode Justice, Nicolas leads a team of 25+ AI advisors that has provided Congress with policy memos on AI’s domain-specific implications. As the AI & Education Advisor, Nicolas has authored an AI & Education Policy Framework that has supported multiple educational institutions in ethically and effectively integrating AI into their pedagogy. Nicolas has spoken at numerous events and conferences, including a U.S. Department of Education roundtable, a Google education lecture, and an AI and education conference hosted by Digital Promise.